There is a point in our life we find ourselves looking deep within and realizing we have been holding ourselves back.

It may not be a easy one to come to terms with and this is something I think every other person has to face. We sabotage ourselves one way or the other, either by second guessing outselves, underestimating ourselves or giving too much of ourselves.

In life there needs to be balance and the moment you are not feeling this you know you are sabotaging YOU. It is not selfish to want to see yourself shine and really embrace a little of your life. We all need this from time to time but there need to be a balance with this and when it is found. Keep the balance within your life.

This can be in work, family , friends and relationships. There needs to be a give and take because what happens when you find yourself giving your all and not getting anything in return our subconscious mind do record this within us. The same goes when we continue taking and not giving back in return, our innerself knows what we are doing is wrong.

The Circle of life is based on balance and if we do not have balance we tend to find ourselves in some real turmoil. Within ourself and it shows up in our relationship. We must know there needs to be balance within our lives and not allow anyone to always take from us and not help us full our cup back up. How are we suppose to share ourselves with others if we are not filled up enough to help ourself because we have given our all to someone else benefit. Our love is to be shared with all those around us and we are not to be limited to those we love and know.

Balance is one of the keys to success in our lives and seeing change among us.

A balance life is a happy life.

Love is in the air and Valentines Day is fast approaching with so much cheer.  The music, the movies and all the adverts with what gifts to get him or her, has everyone wanting to be in love.  Each year is the same song, roses, diamonds, and cute teddy bears.  It makes so many who is single want to cringe in their chairs. 

Valentines Day always comes across like its very unfortunate for anyone to be alone on this day.  That many would rush home to just get away from it.  Valentine’s day is a day of love and love comes in many forms but the most important love song we seem to hear is the songs where we need to be with someone else.  Many have forgotten that self-love is always first before loving someone else.   

We need to love ourselves first before we can even look into another eye and think of loving them. Knowing your worth is important, as I always believe once you know who you are and can look in the mirror with complete love for self.  You will know what you will and will not tolerate in relationships.  When you know what you want and would not settle for less because you know you are truly loved first by yourself.

Loving yourself is most important and this has to be taken very dearly for true love to manifest.  Self-love and care is deep and should be celebrated on this special day.  Those who may be single get your hair and nails done on this day.  Do not be afraid to head to the movies by yourself because you want to spend some quality time with self.  Get that bouquet of red roses and carry home and know you are loved dearly by yourself.   Do not feel guilty if you are alone on this day, as this can be the most beautiful moment you can spend with yourself and would help you grow internally.

If you are able to take the day for yourself, treat yourself special on this day.  As this is your day for self-love,  look in the mirror and say I love you, I really do love you with every bone in your body.  Take some time to reflect, journal, meditate, take a run or just relax by yourself.  Self-love is the most important love because if you cannot love yourself, no one else would for you. 

Never go looking for love in another if you cannot find it in yourself.  Because this is the biggest error you can make for yourself.  Self-love is the most important love and many do not want to hear this one.  If you cannot take time to love yourself and always giving out all your love without any return, you would have to take some time to love yourself first.  Valentine’s day is a beautiful day for love and love comes in many forms and one of the most powerful forms of love is always self-love. Love yourself first, so you know what kind of love you deserve.

We all had them in our lives at some point. If you never been ghosted by someone good for you. I really hope you are not the one who ghosts people.

Being ghosted is something that is painful in many ways, you find yourself with questions that will never be answered. You question yourself and what you ever did wrong or how you missed the signs.

Over time you realize you have to leave behind the ghost because it wasn’t your fault and the answers your looking for may not matter in the long run. To me ghosting someone shows your true character and the victim is actually being granted a favor.

To all the victims of being ghosted or had the famous almost relationship, dust that person off. Don’t sweat over him or her, they are not worth it anyways. This one is just preparing you for the real deal.