Sometimes you remember to admit it can be too much on one person.

When the love is so strong you tend to give and give and realize you have no more to give.

The love you give tends to be so strong you will deny yourself any more harm and not be able to say no.

No to what to always giving and not being filled back up.

You will put your all into a relationship and the other would not see the effort you are really giving and the sacrifices you are making. To be with them they will only see what they are getting from the relationship.

You will realize you give so much of yourself and deny yourself of the love you have been awaiting for all this time. Why settle when you know you deserve the same amount of attention as the other?

It is never about the money and it is never about having someone around. It is always about giving and RECEIVING the same in return. Not being treated as a second option as not having someone who always think well she will always be around. Because I know they love me unconditionally.

You deserve so much more than a half way love song and a love that is deep and meaningful to you. You feel the love not only in material gains but in the things the person do. You do not feel like its a one way relationship and you are feeling the strain of it when you really want to feel balance.

Balance in your life.

Balance in spirituality.

Balance in relationships.

When one is not balance it tends to throw u off balance and you realize the glitches and red flags you have been missing.

We all had them in our lives at some point. If you never been ghosted by someone good for you. I really hope you are not the one who ghosts people.

Being ghosted is something that is painful in many ways, you find yourself with questions that will never be answered. You question yourself and what you ever did wrong or how you missed the signs.

Over time you realize you have to leave behind the ghost because it wasn’t your fault and the answers your looking for may not matter in the long run. To me ghosting someone shows your true character and the victim is actually being granted a favor.

To all the victims of being ghosted or had the famous almost relationship, dust that person off. Don’t sweat over him or her, they are not worth it anyways. This one is just preparing you for the real deal.