Today I am grateful for where I am.

Today I will say I am thankful for where I am going.

Today I will say this because of everything I have experienced I am looking back with a smile on my face.

From 2010 to now I have learned a lot and I will admit I have grown a lot.

It was not a easy journey but now seeing the benefits of this in my life. I embrace everything in life and appreciate everything in and around me that I have seen.

As I enter each new day I will admit I am feeling greatful, humble,relieve and thankful to the Most High Yah who is always by my side.

As things unfold each new day. I will be strong as things unfold and the Word of Yah fulfilled and I prepare to meet the King Yahushua who the World calls Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is pushing many to warn and we are hearing the messages and warnings each new day.

Today I want to say thank you Yah for this amazing time we are all living in although it is hard my hope is in You

As things unfold let us go within especially during this season.

Let us welcome Yahuwah our Father into our lives and accept His son Yahushua Hamashiach.

Today as I look back I can say I am seeing everything differently now.

It brings an uneasy feeling but at the same time I am finding peace accepting that everything is falling right into place.

Let the Kingdom of Elohim come and Let the Most High Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven


Vulnerable moments that swipe around, like a thief in the night can be quite undone. That leaves scares deep but yet very unnoticeable to many. How can moments like these be missed by so many? Well, I for one can say, these moments are when everyone is busy with their lives and when things happen expects a fighter to be by there side. Many never realize that at times the warrior may not be able to be by there side all the time.

That’s the moment that defines a lot with time. When the kind soul is expected to give so much of themselves that moment they stop to reflect and when they do not reach out at a time. Tables tend to turn and leave many broken after so much time. Love hurts, and to love many can hurt even more, especially with a kind heart. This world can tear apart anyone but it is always the strong ones who make it look so easy when they are dying inside that feels the brunt.

Not every day a strong one is going to feel ready to face a Monday, or ready to be there for everyone. There may even be some days where a kind heart may feel they need to really step away and really leave some traits behind. In those moments kind, hearts should not feel guilty for taking some time. It only means you are human as well for some time. How can someone give all there love to everyone and not take a moment to love or acknowledge themselves even once? This has to be the biggest sacrifice I may never conquer in my life, and I for one do not want to fully understand.

Being a fighter is all nice but let us be honest with ourselves sometimes. We are humans and have vunerable moments those are the times that can really make us or break us apart. Set boundaries with your kind nature and do not let anyone take your little heart for granted all the time.

Love is lovely and much love without boundaries. Fight the good fight but know when you have to step aside because the Universe can be sending a strong sign. Many are running around life not taking time to really appreciate life and that’s the moment we lose the meaning of life.

It is ok not to be selfless in your acts because you feel totally defeated today by life. It is ok to say no sometimes because you know your heart needs a little recharge for life. It is ok to call in sick one day in life because honestly you just need to recharge.

Life is meant to be lived and we are meant to live to our fullest aim. Live, love and learn with each passing moment but do not feel bad when you the fighter just need to say not today.

Much love everyone.