Today I am grateful for where I am.

Today I will say I am thankful for where I am going.

Today I will say this because of everything I have experienced I am looking back with a smile on my face.

From 2010 to now I have learned a lot and I will admit I have grown a lot.

It was not a easy journey but now seeing the benefits of this in my life. I embrace everything in life and appreciate everything in and around me that I have seen.

As I enter each new day I will admit I am feeling greatful, humble,relieve and thankful to the Most High Yah who is always by my side.

As things unfold each new day. I will be strong as things unfold and the Word of Yah fulfilled and I prepare to meet the King Yahushua who the World calls Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is pushing many to warn and we are hearing the messages and warnings each new day.

Today I want to say thank you Yah for this amazing time we are all living in although it is hard my hope is in You

As things unfold let us go within especially during this season.

Let us welcome Yahuwah our Father into our lives and accept His son Yahushua Hamashiach.

Today as I look back I can say I am seeing everything differently now.

It brings an uneasy feeling but at the same time I am finding peace accepting that everything is falling right into place.

Let the Kingdom of Elohim come and Let the Most High Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven


You will see the true colors.

One day you will wake up and realize they was all right.

One day you will see the light from the dark tunnel.

One day you will be able to put the puzzle together .

When that moment arrive you will understand you can no longer act the same. You will realize you have to step away. You will realize this time you have to say goodbye to the old life.

It will be one hell of a rough ride with this one. This heartbreak will not be like others before because this one is a lifetime.

I am not talking about lovers this time. I am talking about the ride or die you know the day ones. That is the toughest one to come around.

I know love, you do not want to let them go. They have been loyal and they have seen you grown. But you know deep inside there is so much more truth you can no longer just stick around.

How did it take so long for me to see this light?

When it was always around you just never look close enough to see this one. Now you are seeing clearer and everything makes sense, you see the reasons why and you know there is more to it all.

But, it is not your battle to worry about. You have been down this road many times before, this time you have to cut this cord. Leave it all behind, do not hold on anymore.

After all you saw the true light. Now is just to make one more move…… Saying goodbye.