Every day is a new day to begin something new. It all begins with a single though, now this is never easy but it is possible with changing your mindset.

It is like taking a single thought and planted it every step of the way. We all know the saying what we think we reap in our life. Many times situations are manifested because of our thought patterns.

Unfortunately its not easy to let go or remove the unwanted thought patterns. It takes time but fortunatly it is very possible when we change our life.

When we take small steps to detach, remove and let go all that no longer serves us. We may even have to shake up our belief thinking because it all begins from childhood. For many shaking our deep core is very difficult.

But with small daily steps it can be achieved and dreams can be manifested. When we plant those seeds every day and make that choice to let go. Only when we make that incredible choice we would see the true beauty in our life seeds being manifested.

I started a project where I am removing clutter. I always wanted to start this project with my old clothes, shoes, accessories and items. I did something like this a year ago when I did my Christmas cleaning but never threw away old items. This rounds I am cleaning away all my old items and handling it totally different.

It feels liberating. Why? I honestly feel like I am shedding myself away, the old me and getting rid of everything that no longer serves me. It is a amazing feeling, everyday I am taking between 10 to 20 minutes and setting all my old clothes away, I have started with my clothes. My next move is my shoes which I started months ago and I will continue after I finished my clothes project.

Removing clutter is very important and should be done during our life. At least once a year or even after changes in life. What I have notice is the change you feel, you feel a weight being lifted off. It is a beautiful feeling and one of a kind. I even found a blouse which I never wore and I am in total love with and it suits the new me. Well the upgraded me.

Taking clothes out of my closet and putting in a a bag or setting aside to give away is liberating. It is like I am saying goodbye to the old ways, thinking and view of life. You have to shed the old you to replace with the new or upgraded you. This can be by removing unwanted items or just embracing yourself.

After all you do want to let go. What I have notice is a lot of my clothes I have, no longer fits me is also really outdated. It no longer appeals to my taste or mindset anymore. So many clothes I do not even want to see or try on again. I just want it out.

Its a beautiful process one I plan to do everyday and take a little time to commit towards. In the end I will change everything around and only have what I need and want. This will reflect my life as I will only have necessary things around me.

New mindset needs to have no clutter or old things around. That no longer serves me. Clutter closes the mind and have you trapped in a world you do not want to be around. I am happy I am removing all that is holding me back as I am moving towards the life and person I want to become.

Have you ever woke up one morning and ask yourself where did all the time went? I found myself asking this question today as I observed my surroundings. Not realizing a lot of time just went.

What have I been doing for all my life that now I have to ask myself where the time went. When we find ourselves asking this question, our spiritual world is awakening and opening us on a deeper level. This is a moment we find we do not want to waste another moment of our lives because we realize so much time has already passed us by, hopefully its not too late.

For me I woke up and realize this at 30, some would say a little late others may say just the right time. To me I found this out when I needed to in life, I have realize I wasted a lot of time, energy and resources wrongfully and I needed to because I would have never reached this point today.

It took me many many failures, heart breaks, betrayal, car accident, lost of jobs, family turmoil, death and anger to realize time cannot be wasted. Time is precious and you see this word call energy , it cannot be wasted. When we find our passion, our love something that makes our heart race and pours sweat for we have to embrace it.

I am thankful every day to find this after all my experience so I am able to write and have a passion for what I am doing. I have given up completely on expectations and basically living in my head. I have spend so much time wondering what others would think about me I clearly forgot about me .

I am one now who stands up for me and those who do not have a voice. All our experiences in life leads us somewhere or another, but we have to reach a point when we say enough is enough. To what no longer serves us, when we stand up for ourselves and really dig deep into our hurts and live our lives everything we ever desire manifests for us.

One aspect of life I always hold close to is the aspect of the love of the Universe. If we understand how powerful this Universe is we would not take somethings so lightly. Life is a journey but do not get too caught up telling yourself its a journey. Make plans, have goals and set intentions because you do not want to wake up one morning and ask yourself . Wait where has the time really gone? Use your time wisely, use your energy wisely and appreciate each moment.

I have started this practise, if I am not one hundred percent one day I will not push myself too much. I will rest because my body needs to recharge, if I am feeling flustered, I will meditate because I need my mind to be at peace. If I am missing someone I will message and tell them this and what is on my mind. Life is too short to be wondering and second guessing. I have wasted so much energy with this it is amazing.

If I have outgrown a group of friends, I am accepting it and moving on. I am not pushing anything that no longer helps me grow or has passed it course in my life. So much of our lives are left wasted and broken by all these things and running a race trying to just keep up. When we check a whole year has passed by or worse yet a whole 10 years has passed by and you wonder where the time went.

Let us all make a effort to embrace each moment, not live in our heads, love, learn and grow as tomorrow is never promised.

Look within and what do you see? We all have that deep spiritual sense within us, our inner consciousness that speaks with us daily. It is always there and always with us even when we do not recognize it.

When we wake up and look within the mirror it is always there, constant and never changes. It always reminds us who we really are and only grows with time. It is always there, some call it consciousness, some call it intuition, spirit or God within us. What ever it is we call it, its there, connecting us to everything and reminding us we are connected to a higher awareness.

This is why we have to always be present where ever we are, it is so easy to get caught up when we are programmed to multi task but in all honesty we are not suppose to in our life. We are suppose to be fully aware, focused and have our thoughts on one task at a time. When this is practiced we can align our self to that inner self to help guide us in our life.

Have you ever heard a person presence should be felt to know they are truly present. Well many people are wondering around and there presence are not felt at all. They are passing by life and not connected at all to their inner being. Now, why is that, this is because of living up to society expectations and not being connected to self. When we are not connected we are lost and wondering about this world as a body with no inner being.

This has many lost, confused and conflicted. It can be a disaster ready to happen, we must take it easy at times. Stop and focus on our tasks, each task must be done separably and we must never attempt to do more than one task at a time. It is a process that makes everything to over our heads after some time.

If we practice doing every task with ease, sacred and special our inner self would guide us. We will be more connected to this world, we would hear ourselves and be able to be open to life. Our tasks would not feel so tedious anymore and we would appreciate every moment of our lives.

Life is a blessing and every moment we are here on earth is a gift to us. From my 30 years being on this planet one thing I have learned is to embrace every moment and feeling. I would admit it is quite difficult to swollen and embrace pain, its a tough emotion to handle but it heals. It truly heals, when we approach life and situations as sacred we find ourselves in a different space.

Every day will be different, every obstacle will be different and every task will be done with love. You can be a writer, painter, janitor, CEO or Administrator. When you tackle your day to day job as a blessing and not a task each day will be a joy and that inner self will help us more.

So the next time you look in the mirror remember your inner self, consciousness, God or Spirit. Remember you are divine, unique, one of a kind and that inner self will always remind you that each breath you take is sacred.

True happiness is not found in material wealth. It is found in a deep core feeling of gratitude and pleasure in life moments. Many of us find it in unexpected moments this can be early in the morning or late at night right before we head to sleep.

This moment that is peaceful is one that is very unique and special to everyone. Pure happiness cannot always be found in material gains as it eventually fades away and get old but a special moment in the sunrise or sunset is special and always there for us.

I have found over the years that gaining more and more in life is never fulfillment but these are always moments I am at pure peace and I am happy truly happy at that moment. A lot of times this can be found in a simple walk in the park alone, nature or absorbing your alone time or special moments can bring a sense of joy and peace. True sanitary that is special for each of us.

Many find this in later years in life but I am really grateful to learn earlier than later. I know I find happiness when I can smile within and I know I radiate a joy to others so I can help others along the way. We have to be able to distinguish in life necessary pleasure and unnecessary pleasures that can be addictive and disruptive to our well being.

We have to know when we are becoming obsessive over items and know when to simple let go. This can become a beautiful moment for us that will can be a moment of hapiness. Remember a time you was obsessed over a item or idea and the moment it is no longer around or fulfilled you are no longer obsessing over it.

Practice slowly letting go of things and ideas and your life will have a different approach. One thing I have learned to keep my happiness and peace is when something happens that may upset me. I stop and take a deep breath and ask myself why am I really upset and look at the underlining answer of me.

Then I realize I had my own selfish desire at that moment. Like for instance if I am driving and someone gives me a bad drive automatically I will get a little turn off because we want everyone to drive like us. When we remove that expectation we would not be so upset and not obsess over it for the entire day.

The same goes in work, family members, neighbors, peers and random strangers. We should drop the expectations and leave it to be, it will save us a peace of mind and our happiness.

Happiness is always found in moments and it is in those small moments we find peace love and joy. I always find it in walking,jogging or spending time alone, it is a peace and stillness that no one can take away. Hope you find this as well in your own little ways in life moments.

Love and light.

“When we leave this world. We should all aim to leave an impact. “

It really doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or where you are from. When we all die and we do, one day, everyone will only remember our impact.

No one cares what car you drive, what house you have and how much money you had. In the end people only talk about what effect you left on them and their lives.

Each and every single one has a separate journey in life. We all breathe the same air and we are all on the same planet, under the same sun and moon. Our lives here on earth is very limited and each person life time span is different in many ways. We all heard or known of one who may have lived to 81 and left no effect on anyone. Then there is the one who is 21 and everyone has a positive effect from this one.

At funerals we are all left with what is done is done. When a sermon is done or a summary of someone. It is what is left back to say is what leaves the lasting impact on everyone. Some get a lot a of tears and hugs and some get loud music and lots of rum.

Our time on this earth is precious and we are not living for anyone but our time spend on this planet called earth should be used wisely for one. How you live, loved and push everyone says a lot. Most important one, was the way you loved.

We all should make a effort to make the world a better place for each and everyone. Show kindness,love and hospitality to everyone. Life is like a mirror it show you what you become. Don’t let the end show you up as a punk.

Life gives us what we are and it attracts what our mind wants. Do not let this world not make you shine or dim your light. Be the heart that everyone wants to be around. Be the soul that everyone want to remember. Most importantly, be the one to leave a lasting impact on someone.

Much love everyone.

The snow full moon scheduled for February 19th would be bringing up issues related to work and health. Although this is a full moon it can bring a new beginning.

Old wounds would be showing up that need to be healed as action needs to be taken. In order for healing to take place and full energy of the full moon to be felt healing needs to be embraced. This is a time for soul searching as many disruptions may happen as a lot of old energy could creep up with this particular full moon.

This old energy is old hurts from the past that have not been healed. Past memories that may have left unhealed because it was too painful to deal with over some time. This energy was left hidden will creep back up.

There will be a lot of watery energy and be careful you get stuck in this deep dark emotional phase. This is a brilliant time to explore your energies and release old baggage.

Ask the big questions, why is this showing up and take the time to deal with it all. This is a time to grow spiritually, find new ways to deal with emotional turmoil. Throw out the old ways of dealing with situations and embrace the new.

At this time there needs to be a balance of energy as there will be strong energy alining at this time. Remember, work and health would be at the forefront. So, watch out for the creeping sound in your head that wants to blow you out. These need to be addressed as deeper implications may arise.

Old hurts at this time need to be addressed and find new ways to deal with it. This is the time to take action, take the wheel and act. Gather all facts, keep organized, jot down every defining moment and nail this old wound to the board and leave behind for good this time.

Take this opportunity to tend to yourself these rounds. Check in with yourself physically and mentally and take a deep check. Each full moon always has energy shifts and this one is a deep watery one that can help detox and purify. Once we handle the emotions, shifts, and energy the right way.

Happy Full Moon everyone and let us take advantage of the beautiful energies surrounding this one. Much love everyone.