Today I am grateful for where I am.

Today I will say I am thankful for where I am going.

Today I will say this because of everything I have experienced I am looking back with a smile on my face.

From 2010 to now I have learned a lot and I will admit I have grown a lot.

It was not a easy journey but now seeing the benefits of this in my life. I embrace everything in life and appreciate everything in and around me that I have seen.

As I enter each new day I will admit I am feeling greatful, humble,relieve and thankful to the Most High Yah who is always by my side.

As things unfold each new day. I will be strong as things unfold and the Word of Yah fulfilled and I prepare to meet the King Yahushua who the World calls Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is pushing many to warn and we are hearing the messages and warnings each new day.

Today I want to say thank you Yah for this amazing time we are all living in although it is hard my hope is in You

As things unfold let us go within especially during this season.

Let us welcome Yahuwah our Father into our lives and accept His son Yahushua Hamashiach.

Today as I look back I can say I am seeing everything differently now.

It brings an uneasy feeling but at the same time I am finding peace accepting that everything is falling right into place.

Let the Kingdom of Elohim come and Let the Most High Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven


Today religion is in a serious shake up as a Spiritual War fare is happening all the time around us. We have to be aware what is taking place in us and around us.

The battle many of us are facing is a serious one as we have to endure.

Part of the battle is questioning a lot of what have been spoon fed all our lives. As the truth comes out many of us are faced with questions. After the questions are answered we are yet again faced with more questions.

Religious leaders are modernizing a lot of their beliefs, traditions and having many churches following and becoming a stray.

Today I ask how can a church lead a flock when they do not want to follow God true word and commandments?

The Church particularly the RC churches are heading down a new road of self destruction that many like myself have been seeing and warning for years. The word is being twisted and the scandals that are faced is trying to be faced in a humanly way instead of a Spiritual way. A church that is leading many to a way we may regret later down the line.

So much have changed over the years and so much more changes is going to arrive. Many will folk out of the churches when they are trying to get more in the church buildings.

Jesus said where two or three are in my name there I am with them. A time is coming when many have to choose at the same time question where they are heading in this world as we are all facing a Spiritual warfare. Whatever we are faced with we have to ensure that Yeshua stays the center of it all.

Question the church and all the new changes they want to bring on board. Question why they want to make these changes and keep those in prayers who are standing up for justice and truth.

This is the time. Many have warned us about many years ago.

Let us be aware of what is taking place and do not be afraid of asking questions.

You may help open many eyes.

Stay awake

The biggest Spiritual battle is about to begin

Time is very important , why waste.

If you was told you only have six more months to live.

Would you be doing what you are doing today?

I hope you would as life is short because you never know when you are going to leave this world.

So live each day like it’s your last because it maybe your last.

Appreciate each moment and trust me do not worry what others say about you. Everyone have their own issues to deal with on a day to day basis.

Things are changing and what I have noticed. If you do not embrace this change of living for the moment.

Darling life will take you away. Life is precious and let me be honest with you.

I have no time to waste.

This year I will be 32 and although I could not imagine the day I see those digits. It does not scare me anymore.

I have learned to embrace this thing called life. I have seen a lot and lose a lot as well.

One thing I have learned for sure. Nothing is guaranteed in this life except God. If you do not understand this by now well you are in for a hell of a ride.

Every day is precious and things are always changing. That is another guaranteed in this life.

Have you ever questioned and ask yourself. Is everything just an illusion and everyone taking all this a little too seriously?

This is one of the big questions being asked by a few. I have found myself asking this question.

Which made me realize life is all a test for us to challenge ourselves. Not settle and push to reach our greatest level.

Yet many of us are being caught up

Including myself not realizing life is something that constantly changes.

Nothing is permanant, sure, routine, stuck or emotionless. Life is life and I have come to realize, this life is best taken from Spiritual space. In God and God alone it starts.

Because He created this world and made us. When we understand everything we do and say is for him.

We will understand everything around us is more than we imagined.

The birds, trees, sky, clouds, animals and breath we take is more than we imagined.

Everything that is happening is more than we imagined. It has a bigger purpose and plan. So I have learned not to get so caught up in the world news and every thing else.

It is not what you may think it is, when you really look deep within.

Look within. You would realize you are here to live, love, endure,share and embrace life to get to the next one with God through Jesus Christ.

Life is a blessing and time is a illusion because life is a constant change, growth and living in Spirit and truth for God.

The vail is being lifted. When the vail is lifted our inner being is awakening and becoming aware.

The two worlds are joined and aligned to draw in or draw out. Over the past few months, my heart has opened and my mind has awakened to more and I know God is awakening many to more.

From 2020 and beyond the world would not be the same ever again. Things are going to change for the better or worse depending on your soul growth.

If you have not been spiritually preparing yourself. Our world would be unbearable for you. If you have been preparing on a spiritual level everything will be falling into place and right on track.

Things can no longer be looked at the same way for me. What were my goals and achievements has been shattered and now I have a bigger purpose.

What is your soul calling you towards? Try to follow this and hear the call, maybe God is telling us it is time to look beyond what we know and have learned.

Settling is no longer an option and we must listen within when our soul is saying. It is time for something more than what we have known.

My God Yeshua Jesus Christ has sent me for a Devine purpose and he has also sent you for a reason.

We are not here for our purpose.

We are here to fulfill God’s word and scripture.

So as things continue to uncover where do you stand with your life? Are you going to step up and live with Devine truth or are you going to settle back into what you know? While the world leaves you behind.

Yeshua is saying Come to him and he is the only one who will guide you during this shift of cousciouness. He is saying Come to me as the world goes mad you will only find rest in me.

Everything is a plan that is being fulfilled so we can be with Him in eternity.

Do not worry about Eartly matters. Only keep your eyes on the heavens because you do not want to be caught up in the trap of Eartly pleasures.

Listen when your consciousness is saying it is the time.

Because God is whispering a warning to many of what is yet to come.

Stay awake because the Groom is soon on the way.

Everyone is panicking

Almost everyone has lost faith

Fear is taking over so many minds they do not realize they will die of it

A virus will never hit many and many who catches it will survive but the media is making it seem we are doom. Not realizing doom is just in the mind.

Wash your hand, cover your mouths and stay home if you are sick. Makes me wonder did we all know this before? Why do many have to learn this all over again?

Do not shake hands. Clap elbows and knees and no one is to gather in public. We have now reach a new slavery level and btw we are slaves to society already. This just adding some icing to the cake

Let me not get started on the “Religious” all of a sudden. “Faith” is not strong . Panicking and makes one set of changes to gatherings when all the time they was preaching faith to a congregation.

My heart is really broken with the way every one is making fear take over. The devil is having a good laugh at all of us. Telling himself I won, but I know he has not won anything and his time is running real short

In the meantime. Everyone calm down!! Stock up…… For what… You would have expired goods on your hands and you will just be broke because you buss your budget.

This is one big test and if you are worried about economies collapsing. Well just continue freaking out and letting the media control you.

You will really have to hold your heart and beg for mercy and forgiveness at the end of this show.


Silence stares the truth, the deep dark truth within us.
Many of us hate silence because we know within it lies some truth. The time we spend alone with only our thoughts can be something many of us want to run from, because we cannot face the truth.

We hate the deep pain we feel of emptiness and maybe hate the sound of nothing. It leaves us all just thinking, tick tock tick tock we realize time goes by quite slowly when we only have silence.

It can be for a couple of minutes but for many it feels like ages. The pain and agony of not accepting many things creeps up on us like a snake. It makes us wonder it makes us think. Oh how we hate this feeling.

The birds are chirping, the breeze is blowing and it is a sunny day. A wonderful day to begin…

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Have you every thought about doing something bold that may come across as ” not you”.

Well let me tell you something when you start doing things without worrying about the opions of others this can be your most liberating experience ever.

I recently learned a new quote ” I am completely independent of the good or bad opinions of others. ” Let me tell you this quote is probably the ticket to living your most authentic life.

When I thought of this, a person who has this grilled in their system is what some would say thick skin, bold, brave and even adventurous. Some would say bad ass, ass hole or not right. But, the funny part is they do not care. That is mental freedom in one way or another.

So, why cant we be this way sometimes, we should not care for opinions of others. Some of us have this grilled so deep within changing this will be so difficult but we have to make the switch.

Imagine walking down the road and wondering what a random stranger thinks of you who you will probably not see again. Or you are in the mall and you accidentally trip and you turn around to see who saw you… WHY CARE. At least you did not break a leg and most times people did not see a thing.

I have seen people trip and they look around them before they stop to make sure they are ok. I am guilty of this as well lol but now I have to wonder why am I even doing this?

We are so trapped in our mind of having some kind of control of what others think of us. We never realize we are trapped within a cage and we are ready to fly.

Do you know we are so busy wondering what other people think we lose track of what we are really doing? Have you ever notice this with yourself. We tend to get caught up in the main goal in the first place.

Some of us we only know to be a people pleaser. For some reason or the other we do not know anything else to our life. We are only concerned in making others happy and forgetting our own lives.

This becomes exhausting and too much to bear as we are in a lose situation. We cannot win this game because we cannot please every one. That is why growing thick skin is awesome and liberating.

When you find this freedom within you will begin to live.


If that is not your main goal. You probably will learn this the hard way.

This is all I want to keep in my life. Anything that does not bring peace. I do not want around.

Having a deep sense of peace with so much happening around can be a blessing. You understand life is not about all the achievements but having a deep sense of peace within is a pure joy.

That joy that cannot be brought from a position, vehicle, house or millions in my bank account. Is something that cannot be explained. When you find this trust me nothing will bother you again and you will not want a change.

So today I ask what is your main aim in life?

Think about this deeply before rushing towards a answer.

The New Year is here and we are in 2020.

This is a big year for us.

A lot of truths will be unfolded.

This year I will not be rushing the year away and wanting time to go by quickly. As I am praying we are all ready to face what is ahead and alert and awake.

2020 vision is here and I can’t stress on how much this year is a big deal for us in humanity.

Many things will be unfolded and it has begun unfolding since 2018.

We all wanted change,envisioning change, demanding change for many years.

It was always change, change and more change we want.

Then a saying begun with a 2020 vision.

Words are powerful and what you say goes out into the Universe and manifests itself.

Just think about what was being prayed for, demanded and hoping for since the start of 2000.

Now we have Vision 2020 right at our nose.

Do you think all these words and seeds planted in our Universe for 2020 won’t bear fruit?

Well trust me with the amount of eclipses and Universal activity that will be shifting our energy.

That 2020 Vision that some have not lived to see but had a part to play.

Will be unfolding right before our eyes.

So buckle up and do not think this second that this world will pass another year without many eating their words , actions and money.

As life as we know is about to change and many may see the face of God.

This year is not like any other because time will fly.

You will be busy caught up in our world and won’t realize in a blink of a eye.

Vision 2020 will unfold right before your eyes.