She was fierce and ready to face the world. With all her charm and elegance, Sally told herself she was ready to face anything that comes her way any day. Newly graduated with a major in business no one told her she was about to get a real hard reality to knock her down in the real world.

Life was great Sally came back from a world trip and was ready to on her family business. She took some time before she went in as she was taking everything one day at a time. Tick tock one day she woke up and told herself I am ready to join the business.

Walked in her dad office a Friday morning after not speaking to him for many months as he wanted her to join right after graduation. Sally did not listen on that day as she was ready to take a world tour. On that Friday she was back in the same office she was in about 6 months ago.

Her dad watched her in total surprise as he was shocked to see his daughter after so long. He told her to sit down and she did this at once. Sally was excited to tell him about the great news of her joining and he immediately stopped her at once.

He said to her, you should have called first or let me know you are back in town. Your mother did not mention a word to me that you are around. She was shocked as she thought this was known all along. Then he said I have something for you. She asked what then he opened his drawer and handed her a slip.

She immediately opened it and saw a foreclosure note on it. Her mouth dropped and said “WHAT”, he said yes my child, we are closing down. Sally was in total disbelief and could not imagine her eyes. Her parents have been running the business for many years and never indicated they were in trouble.

She asked how this happened. He told her they have been under financial strain for many years, financing school for her and her lavish lifestyle that it took all the cash they had around. They did not want to burden her and when she mentioned the world trip that took all the savings they had left for her.

Sally was mad, as she thought they could have warned her, but she had an idea that was going to save the business. She was going to sell, her condo, car, and jewelry to build up some capital to hold the business from foreclosure. Her dad was thrilled and was totally on board for all of this, but deep inside she was breaking. As she knew she had to leave her lavish life behind and step into the unknown this was going to hurt her deep in her bones.

Sally was used to having it all fancy cars, clothes and was popular with everyone. She had big dreams and was ready to step into that reality, not the reality that sinking in. This was all new but she knew she had to do what she had to do to change the situation that she was about to face. It was all too much for her and she was ready to take a run for it, but she looked at her dad and was totally held back as she realizes she could not run this time.

This time she had to stick around, this time she had to learn to shine because this time her family needed her around.

Billy began his quest to look for Doctor Ben, he knew he had to find him because he was up to some good mischief. He loved Sam and knew he would always love her but he needed to find the truth with the medication. So, the very next morning he went to his lab and began searching around. He was searching for clues but he just could not find any clue on point.

He searched threw notes around his desk but he just could not find anything that would land him to where he went. Sam has not seen Doctor Ben for a week and Billy surely could not place where this man went. Especially as he went mia on him when he explained Sam worsening condition to him.

Billy knew he had to find him and as he was searching around the lab he saw a paper, with notes written on it. He picked it up and his eyes popped open he could not believe what he was seeing. He was in complete shock and a sick feeling came over him. He began thinking of Sam and how long she has been taking the medication. He then stopped and think of how many other people have been taking the medication as well.

Billy knew the medication was very off but never stopped to think of it being this deadly. He held onto a chair and sit to process what he read, he said to himself. No way is that right, but he looked at the page and saw it was torn off from a notebook or something. Billy shook his head and say no, no, no this is not happening, this has to be a nightmare. How can someone create such a portion and give to people around him?

He felt sick and could not think of giving Sam this one because he knew she would not be able to look at herself. He thought of how she was weakening and getting more sick and he was in total despair as he realized this is worse than what he imagined. He needed to find Doctor Ben and get this sorted out, he needed to get the authorities involved as they needed to know what it is going on.

He needed more information, he quickly jotted down what he needed. He knew he needed to get all Doctor Ben patients name, how much of the portion they have been taking and if anyone died from the medication. Ben was hoping to get answers and fast as he was not sure what he was expecting.

He analyzed what he read from the paper and if he is right. The portion can get many more sick than they expect but the part that is worrying him is the portion has an illuminating effect that can make many think they are well again. This is what happened to Sam and she continued taking the medication, and now all other medication is fighting against it which is making her worse. That was not the part that was frightening Ben, what was having him puzzled is how can a medicine that supposes to kill have her still alive today.

Ben was getting very scared with what he was thinking so many more can be in Sam same condition. He asked himself a very strange question if her body is functioning with the medication? Is the portion having the same effects as everyone else? Is Doctor Ben creating a death switch on citizens around him? How much internal damage can this portion do to someone without killing them?

Billy thought of Sam and knew she was not improving but now she is off the portion completely. So he knew he had to head back by her to take more tests and see how her body would be reacting without the medication completely. He got chills thinking of this as he knew she has been taking it for a very long time and her body may not react very well to all of it.

Moses is one of the Legends in the Spiritual Universe. He has left a mark many centuries ago and his words, influence, leadership skills and mindfulness has lead the Israelite people out of Egypt and paved a path that many still celebrate.

Moses was born in Egypt and his parents had to hide him as a baby,as a order to murder all male babies was put out from the King. His mother who was totally heart broken with the command, made a basket and placed him in it and left him by the river to float away where no one can see him.

The king daughter saw the basket while having a bath commanded one of her maids to get the basket. To her surprise when she opened the basket she found a baby wrapped up in Hebrew linen, she was concerned for the baby as he was crying his eyes out. Moses sister who was standing watch, saw what was happening and offered her mother to be the nurse as she still has breast milk. The princess wanted to keep the baby and so she did, she named him Moses and raised him as her own.

Moses grew up and became a strong, courageous leader, who was destined to be powerful but in his heart he kept his teachings from his mother. Who was his care taken while growing up, he has no idea at the time she was his mother, as she never told anyone when she got the job.

At the time the Israelites was enslaved and being treated badly by the king. Moses saw this and it pinched his heart. He had a good heart, he always stood up for justice and this never went well with many in the castle. This eventually got him thrown out , when he got in a fight with a guard and ended up killing him. Moses was banished from the kingdom and thrown in the desert to fend for himself. He eventually found another family and stayed with them for many years.

One day while walking he saw a light and walked up the mountain to see a burning bush. He was totally amazed by this, and ask himself how this can be burning and haven’t reach the ground as yet.

Meanwhile, God called to him and he was astonished. God spoke to him and told him about the people of Isreal suffering. Moses was held back and scared but God ashore him he will be with him. God gave him guidance and assurance that he will be with him all threw the journey.

Moses set out for his journey and heading back to the castle to confront the king. When he arrived he requested for his people to be released. The king continually denied his request after countless sufferings that was brought to his own people. Unfortunately, his hardening of heart has made him absent to the request.

The Isralites was beginning to complain, they didn’t believe in him in the beginning. This was because they was being put to work harder by the king and their suffering was increased tremendously.

Moses sent numerous request for them to be released. The king never listened although his own people was suffering. God send many signs to let him change his mind,from the water in the ocean turning to blood, lice infecting the place with all the crops and food stock dying, hailstorm, locus, frogs and sores. The king refused to release the people and was very bitter about what was happening.

The last straw had come and God was sending death to the city. Every first born male would be dead. The Isralites prepared for this night by having lamb for dinner. They put the lamb blood on their doors as the blood of the lamb will save them from death that was about to pass.

Each Isralite followed this as they believed in God message. The night passed and those including the king who did not have the blood of the lamb by their doors, first son was dead. The screams and anguish was heard all over the city, people was in tears, women was moaning the loss of a son.

The next day the king called Moses, he was totally heart broken because he lost his only son. He told him to leave immediately and take his people with him because he didn’t want to upset their God anymore.

From that day forward the Isralites celebrated their victory as the day would always be remembered to them. That day was celebrated and called the Passover as that day was marked as a time to celebrate their freedom from the Egyptians. They was in total joy as they were free from slavery and ready to head to the land their fathers and ancestors left for them.

Moses was a courageous man, who became a leader and paved a new path for the people of Isreal. He never lost hope or faith, he is one of the many Spiritual Legands who made a mark in this world.

His work and his teachings will be remembered for eternity. He was a little boy who was about to be killed . In the end he was able to get his people freed and each year the Passover is celebrated in remembrance of this historical event.

Passover Dinner

Much love everyone.

Billy was holding on he did not want to let go of Sam because he was falling in love and did not want to say this to her. He knew she was wondering what was happening as he hardly said much but as the weeks passed and spending time with her he realized she is a charm.

He would check her every day and take tests and bring medication for her without hesitation but as the results starting setting in he realizes it may be too late for her. His heart was dropping as he has had many patients in his life but this one was leaving a warm fuzzy feeling he didn’t like very much. Especially as he knows he may not be able to save her, each day passed and he realizes why other doctors did not take her case.

She had a multitude of complications that required medications that is not even prescribed and even if he tried it will have serious complications. He would ensure every day she was not pushing herself too much and even ensured she was getting daily rest. But inside he knew that was not enough for her, she needed a cure and fast.

Each day passed and she was getting weaker and weaker but her persistence to take care of her flowers and do art was one he highly admired. Many neighbors would pass and say, she is looking really out of it are you sure you know what you are doing? But Billy did not understand what was wrong with her and as time passed and he confined with other doctors he was running out of time.

There were many mornings she was not even able to walk because of the pain but the medication she has been taking eased the pain. Her sisters would visit her from time to time and insist that she moved in with either one of them but she refused every time. Billy became her biggest help and three months have passed and he just could not put his hands on her condition.

One day he went in by her and found her lying on the floor he rushed to pick her up and realize she was bleeding badly from her hands. She had fallen while moving one of her painting and fell hard on the floor. Thankfully he reached on time to be able to help her. Then he saw something he never saw before an Aconitum napellus flower.  He was surprised as he never recognize this plant in her yard before, he took it from her and threw it immediately in the bin.

She was weak but her look was puzzled. He said softly to her that the flower is deadly and believe it was contributing to her illness. He picked her up and put her on the chair and asked her why she has the plant and worse yet picking it from the roots. She told him that a doctor told her he needed the plant to heal people, he was in shock and immediately asked who is the doctor?

She told him his name and knew who it is, this is the same one who called him into the area for his expertise. He was having a little trouble with him as he was selling medication without authorization from the authorities. Billy knew he had to do something about Doctor Ben who had to be stopped immediately.

He asked Sam if she has been taking any of the medication he has been giving. She said yes, and gave him the little bottle, it was a green substance. Billy said to her, to stop taking it as it is killing her slowly.

Now that he has figured out what was causing her illness he had a new problem with him. He asked himself, who else has this substance and what is the long run effects of this product? Billy looked at Sam and asked her how long have you been taking this, she said approximately a year. He asked who else you think takes it, she said maybe everyone but she has been taking the strongest dose especially now.

He watched Sam and noticed something he has not been seeing all along how she became weaker and weaker in a shorter time. It was like the medications were creating a serious effect on her and by now she should have died if she was taking this a year now. He knew the mixture of the product was off but with what he asked himself and he became a bit scared now as he was not sure if others have the same effects from this product or something worse off. He had two tasks on his hands now. Find doctor Ben and figure out what is in his medications fast, before it is too late.

Sam was filled with Beauty and wonder. She was a Gardener by day and student by night, fighting a disease no one is yet to find. She meets Billy a traveling doctor who was destined to travel for the rest of his life.

Billy was an orphan, with a traumatized life. Who never gets into details with anyone not even after some time. Sam was very young compared to Billy, she was only 21 while Billy was 35.

Although she was young, Billy knew the moment he laid eyes on her she was the one. Her beauty and wonder took him by surprise and left him with no more desire to fly. Billy was always a traveler, who was a doctor by trade. He used his profession as an excuse to ever stay one place.

He been around the world and seen so much more hurt, that he never stopped to wonder on his pain. After many years of Orphanage, he left and joined the armed force and studied medication as a trade. He would never get acquainted with any of the troops because after some time they all vanished before his eyes.

Billy grew up to be tough with a cold heart but medication became part of his heart. He will always be the one running to help the injured one and put his all in coming up with medication when they ran out. Death was now a part of him as many never survived and many were never the same.

As for Billy he was always tough and became tougher during his 10 years on the run. He has seen many wars and could tell of many wars, but he never looked back on any of them because the moment he left. He left all his memories behind with him, as he was crafted at this.

Sam was a beauty and she was a pleasant one. Who never even think of killing a moth. She was friendly and had charm and was so young to be ill with a disease that can finish her by day. Sam never thought of the troubles she had she would turn restless at night with fright. She knew she was ill but with what and that had her in so much despair she can run.

Sam was a student by night studying Art since she always drew her plants. Her flowers were always her main portraits but she always randomly drew anything. She was good at what she did and wanted to make a state of the art piece to reach a museum display.

Saw grew up in a small town with her parents and was the youngest daughter among six. She was always known as the most beautiful one and the one to marry into wealth as she grew up very poor. She understood the value of money and always appreciate every gift she ever got.

Her older sisters all left her when both her parents passed away. Sam learned how to defend and take care of things. Growing up she was a perfect student, with good grades and had all the fame. She was classy and sassy and everyone adored her beauty.

Sam was most adored for her artwork of flowers and many designs. She won many awards and competition and was on her way to greatness with time. Sam was a beauty in everything she put her mind towards and this was a wonder of awe to many she loved.

When Sam meets Billy she was intruded by his mysterious ways, he was so gentle yet he was harsh with his ways. He was cold and yet he was hot. This doctor she meets, who is yet to let her know anything. Has grown on her but her mind is telling her to run far away.

His concern for her and determination to help her is one she has never found. This was a first for her as so many doctors have given up on her to this day. It has been one month and Billy has not yet given up to this day. He has been doing many tests and keeping his profession abreast. Although, she knew there was something up with him.

One month has passed she has been the only one who has done all the talking on hand. He was never letting her in with anything and he never showed any signs of frustration with it and it will make her wonder.

What is Billy past and what is the truth with this guy?

There was once a little girl name Sam who was obsessed with roses and flowers. She would pick a flower on her way from school each day. Sam was in love with flowers and her mother would always get upset, as she was randomly picking flowers from people galleries and the park.

Sam was intruded with the way flowers would look and she would always imagine herself receiving a flower from someone she loved. She would watch romantic movies only to see when the flowers was being given and she would be totally excited by that moment on the show.

Sam was a lovely child and as she grew up her beauty and radiance blossomed just like flowers. Everyone knew her, everyone loved her she was the pretty one who was always stopping to pick a flower or took a picture of a flower. She never cared what anyone thought of her and that made her stand out to everyone around.

She grew up and had a heart of gold, she was a lover of nature and spend her time nurturing the garden she created. She would have orchids, lillies, aster,asclepias syriaca,roses,violet and many other breath taking flowers blossoming around her. Her ultimate favorite was always her red roses that was always dashing with wonder when you see it.

Every day she would be outside in her garden nurturing her flowers, watering them and taking care of each one. She even gave some names, especially her orchids and roses as she was in love with them. Every day she would spend time in her garden making her full focus on her flowers.

Sam would attend to nature events and show case her orchids, flowers and roses and everyone would be fascinated with them. Many people would even take their sons to introduce them to her as she was a radiant beauty with wonder and awe. Sam was known for her flowers and her beauty and dashing personality.

Little did anyone know she was sick with a unknown disease and went to many doctors and non can find a cure for her. It was the early 1950s and medication where she lived was scarce and expensive. Sam always kept a positive mindset and knew she would one day be cured from this illness.

She always told herself she was making a impact by doing the simplest things each day. Sam would always smile with everyone she knew and would always help the elders in her city. Many would ask, why haven’t you find yourself a good husband as yet as you are a dashing beauty. I know many young men would marry you in a heartbeat but Sam was never interested as she was happy exactly the way she was living. It was a simple life, but a beautiful life in every way.

One day while watering her flowers in her garden. A young man came up to her and ask if she was feeling alright. Sam was sweating and she felt she was beginning to get a little sick from all her work that day. It was a hot day and Sam knew she should not have been pushing herself so hard.

The young man asked if she needed any help instead she said no, but he insisted. He had some water in a jug and gave some to her, she drank and he introduced himself. His name was Billy and he was a visitor from out of town. He had the sweetest smile she had ever seen from anyone in her life and she was intruded by his kindness.

She introduced herself and asked what he was doing in the area. He said he was visiting a patient as he is the only doctor in the county that had the medication that was needed. Sam realized he was a doctor and was thrilled and immediately told him about her illness. He was quite surprised as he never heard of anyone with this before in his life.

Billy had spend many years travelling and working with many medical cases but this one was a first for him. He was also fascinated with her beauty and awe. He has never seen such a beautiful person before.

Billy agreed to check Sam and see what he can do to help her with her illness. Billy knew how to get medication as he has traveled a lot and threw connections knew how to get specialists.

This was a beginning for Sam, she was always wondering how she would find a doctor who has the medication and knowledge to assist her with her case. She looked at her red roses, picked one and gave it to Billy saying thank you for agreeing to help me with my illness.

She continued and said, I was beginning to lose hope and it is a pleasure to finally meet someone who is willing to help me.

Billy smiled as this is a wonderful feeling which he always appreciates the most with his field. The gratitude and love from clients and potential new clients, it always fills a void he longed for so long.

This one was special as he watched into Sam eyes, he known this one was something going to be extra special this time.

Her radiance, her beauty and her awe captured every one whenever she galloped. Layla was truly a beauty to see, her black coat made her the horse everyone was drawned towards.

Layla was a beauty since she was a filly. She caught the eyes of her owner since birth and she already knew she was her choice to own. From the time she got her she was ready to nurture Layla to be the champion she saw she could become. She would groom her daily and her shiny coat was her master piece of natural beauty.

As she grew she was trained and taught to be the best and only the best she become. She was a beauty and a beast on the race track. Growing up she even had her own personality that captured her trainers and groomers. Funky and fierce they would say, she captured everyone heart and mind from the start.

Layla received many awards for her victory in races and she was always featured on photo shoots or videos. She was the horse everyone wanted to see. She was known as the best, non was able to touch her wonder, beauty and awe. When you see her you would know she is the best.

Billy, was a orphan and experienced a hard life. He didn’t know love and grew up without knowing any kind of love. Growing up he never knew his parents and always wondered who they were as he was abandoned as a baby.

He was told his mom was a drug addict and his dad was in jail and unreachable. This broke Billy heart he couldn’t wrap his mind around any of this, all he wanted was to know who he was and where he came from in life. He would despise other children in school as he would have no one to drop and pick him up from school or no one to attend his parents teacher meeting.

It was always a social worker or a nun from the orphanage. No one wanted him, no family wanted to adopt him because he was fighting in school and even bite a few kids. His rage was huge and he was a love less little boy. He would put all his rage in art. He could draw and his paintings was always dark , teachers was always concerned and the sisters in the orphanage was scared with his paintings, he would see himself as a wolf or a monster because he didn’t know what to believe with himself anymore.

Billy was crying in the night, at times he would cut himself and in school he never passed a class. He experienced his life in total rage and couldn’t find a way out he was crying for help. He needed help at a tender age of 10 Billy was ready to give up on it all.

No birthday celebrations, no one to play with, no gifts and no friends. Why am I even here he would ask himself. No one cares and he was ready to give up. One day he got a rope and was ready to hang himself like in the movies he always saw. He got that rope and was ready to end it all.

Then something happened he felt a lick on his feet. And there he was Rex his dog, his only friend he would talk to him and tell him everything. He looked into his eyes and saw the look of concern and immediately he dropped the rope picked him up and took him inside.

The thought of death totally left his mind and he felt a warmth in his heart. He never felt this before and from that moment Rex his dog saved his life from hanging by that rope.