Oh well

Do not take anything personally and never take life too seriously.

Do not take advise from many as they have no clue how to manage their own lives. As many have never seen the daylight from modern day slavery.

Life can drag you down on a spiral road of total destruction.

If you are not careful with your own reality.

Many are running to and fro and have lost their own life becoming strapped to the system of what they think is life.

Each day taking their own souls straight to hell where they will surely spend eternity.

If you never tasted the cake stay far from it because if you can’t resist it. You will be drained for eternity even after your funeral song is played.

Misery follows misery so choose your crowd wisely as many will lead you to the door of hell and never bring you back. So be very careful of who you call “friends” and “family” as it’s better to be alone than be taken down a road you had no intention of going.

Because trust me nothing in this world lasts and if you get too caught up, you may never be able to wake up and see the true sunlight.

Do not be deceived by what you see because what you see is all a lie. If you are brave take a deep look within it’s eyes and trust me you will see part of the truth. The rest leave for mystery because your time is to focused on God mystery alone nothing else in this world.

As everything in this world is slowing leaving for eternity. Time comes and go and as a woman give birth someone else has just lost their life. Nothing in this world is for eternity other than your soul.

Never get caught up in all the lies of this world and remember your life here on earth is nothing as compared to eternity.

So be wise and be careful of those roads.

As these roads can lead you straight to eternity or stuck here in a lifeless world.