Lifted up

The vail is being lifted. When the vail is lifted our inner being is awakening and becoming aware.

The two worlds are joined and aligned to draw in or draw out. Over the past few months, my heart has opened and my mind has awakened to more and I know God is awakening many to more.

From 2020 and beyond the world would not be the same ever again. Things are going to change for the better or worse depending on your soul growth.

If you have not been spiritually preparing yourself. Our world would be unbearable for you. If you have been preparing on a spiritual level everything will be falling into place and right on track.

Things can no longer be looked at the same way for me. What were my goals and achievements has been shattered and now I have a bigger purpose.

What is your soul calling you towards? Try to follow this and hear the call, maybe God is telling us it is time to look beyond what we know and have learned.

Settling is no longer an option and we must listen within when our soul is saying. It is time for something more than what we have known.

My God Yeshua Jesus Christ has sent me for a Devine purpose and he has also sent you for a reason.

We are not here for our purpose.

We are here to fulfill God’s word and scripture.

So as things continue to uncover where do you stand with your life? Are you going to step up and live with Devine truth or are you going to settle back into what you know? While the world leaves you behind.

Yeshua is saying Come to him and he is the only one who will guide you during this shift of cousciouness. He is saying Come to me as the world goes mad you will only find rest in me.

Everything is a plan that is being fulfilled so we can be with Him in eternity.

Do not worry about Eartly matters. Only keep your eyes on the heavens because you do not want to be caught up in the trap of Eartly pleasures.

Listen when your consciousness is saying it is the time.

Because God is whispering a warning to many of what is yet to come.

Stay awake because the Groom is soon on the way.

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