Vail being lifted

The New Year is here and we are in 2020.

This is a big year for us.

A lot of truths will be unfolded.

This year I will not be rushing the year away and wanting time to go by quickly. As I am praying we are all ready to face what is ahead and alert and awake.

2020 vision is here and I can’t stress on how much this year is a big deal for us in humanity.

Many things will be unfolded and it has begun unfolding since 2018.

We all wanted change,envisioning change, demanding change for many years.

It was always change, change and more change we want.

Then a saying begun with a 2020 vision.

Words are powerful and what you say goes out into the Universe and manifests itself.

Just think about what was being prayed for, demanded and hoping for since the start of 2000.

Now we have Vision 2020 right at our nose.

Do you think all these words and seeds planted in our Universe for 2020 won’t bear fruit?

Well trust me with the amount of eclipses and Universal activity that will be shifting our energy.

That 2020 Vision that some have not lived to see but had a part to play.

Will be unfolding right before our eyes.

So buckle up and do not think this second that this world will pass another year without many eating their words , actions and money.

As life as we know is about to change and many may see the face of God.

This year is not like any other because time will fly.

You will be busy caught up in our world and won’t realize in a blink of a eye.

Vision 2020 will unfold right before your eyes.