Beauty and Wonder

Sam was filled with Beauty and wonder. She was a Gardener by day and student by night, fighting a disease no one is yet to find. She meets Billy a traveling doctor who was destined to travel for the rest of his life.

Billy was an orphan, with a traumatized life. Who never gets into details with anyone not even after some time. Sam was very young compared to Billy, she was only 21 while Billy was 35.

Although she was young, Billy knew the moment he laid eyes on her she was the one. Her beauty and wonder took him by surprise and left him with no more desire to fly. Billy was always a traveler, who was a doctor by trade. He used his profession as an excuse to ever stay one place.

He been around the world and seen so much more hurt, that he never stopped to wonder on his pain. After many years of Orphanage, he left and joined the armed force and studied medication as a trade. He would never get acquainted with any of the troops because after some time they all vanished before his eyes.

Billy grew up to be tough with a cold heart but medication became part of his heart. He will always be the one running to help the injured one and put his all in coming up with medication when they ran out. Death was now a part of him as many never survived and many were never the same.

As for Billy he was always tough and became tougher during his 10 years on the run. He has seen many wars and could tell of many wars, but he never looked back on any of them because the moment he left. He left all his memories behind with him, as he was crafted at this.

Sam was a beauty and she was a pleasant one. Who never even think of killing a moth. She was friendly and had charm and was so young to be ill with a disease that can finish her by day. Sam never thought of the troubles she had she would turn restless at night with fright. She knew she was ill but with what and that had her in so much despair she can run.

Sam was a student by night studying Art since she always drew her plants. Her flowers were always her main portraits but she always randomly drew anything. She was good at what she did and wanted to make a state of the art piece to reach a museum display.

Saw grew up in a small town with her parents and was the youngest daughter among six. She was always known as the most beautiful one and the one to marry into wealth as she grew up very poor. She understood the value of money and always appreciate every gift she ever got.

Her older sisters all left her when both her parents passed away. Sam learned how to defend and take care of things. Growing up she was a perfect student, with good grades and had all the fame. She was classy and sassy and everyone adored her beauty.

Sam was most adored for her artwork of flowers and many designs. She won many awards and competition and was on her way to greatness with time. Sam was a beauty in everything she put her mind towards and this was a wonder of awe to many she loved.

When Sam meets Billy she was intruded by his mysterious ways, he was so gentle yet he was harsh with his ways. He was cold and yet he was hot. This doctor she meets, who is yet to let her know anything. Has grown on her but her mind is telling her to run far away.

His concern for her and determination to help her is one she has never found. This was a first for her as so many doctors have given up on her to this day. It has been one month and Billy has not yet given up to this day. He has been doing many tests and keeping his profession abreast. Although, she knew there was something up with him.

One month has passed she has been the only one who has done all the talking on hand. He was never letting her in with anything and he never showed any signs of frustration with it and it will make her wonder.

What is Billy past and what is the truth with this guy?

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